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Fire Sprinkler 5 Year Tests & Inspections in New York City | Fire Sprinkler Certifications

New York City Fire Sprinkler 5 Year Tests & Inspections | Fire Sprinkler Certifications

In New York City your business or company may have to comply with New York City fire codes, rules, and regulations. In compliance with these fire codes you may be required to have fire sprinkler systems certified every 5 years. 

This service and maintenance will include tests, inspections and any necessary repairs of your automatic fire protection systems including fire sprinklers, wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge, and pre action systems, fire hose cabinets, plus on site fire hydrants, alarm and supervisory equipment attached to those systems.

New York City Fire Sprinkler 5 Year Test & Inspections

Each State has its own requirements, rules and fire code regulations. In Texas Safety, Building and Fire Codes, NFPA, and possibly the City of New York City Fire Codes may require you as a business owner to have your fire sprinkler system tested and inspected every 5 years by a State licensed fire sprinkler company in New York City.
Having a properly functioning fire protection system, is not only required in most commercial buildings, but if you have fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire hydrants and/or fire suppression systems may help you qualify for discounts from your insurance company and/or fire hazard insurance provider. Contact your insurance or fire hazard insurance provider for details.
The tests and inspections that are completed in your 5 year fire sprinkler certification compliance helps to ensure that your installed sprinkler system is properly working, there to help save lives and always helping prevent the devastating effects of fire.

The Fire Department of New York City | FDNY Headquarters

Headquarters, 9 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY, 11201
(718) 999-2000 Fax: (718) 999-2582
Bronx Dispatch (718) 665-2200, (718) 999-3333
Brooklyn Dispatch (718) 636-1700, (718) 999-4444
Manhattan Dispatch (718) 628-2900, (718) 999-2222
Queens Dispatch (718) 847-6600, (718) 999-5555
Staten Island Dispatch (718) 727-1100, (718) 999-6666
Bureau of Fire Prevention
Complaints - (718) 999-2541
Bureau of Operations
24-Hour Notification - (718) 999-7900


New York City Zoning Requirements

Department of City Planning Zoning Information Desk:
22 Reade Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10007 

For further assistance please call 311 and ask for: Department of City Planning Zoning Information Desk

City Planning, Department of (CITY)
The NYC Zoning Resolution determines the allowable size and use of buildings, where they are located and the densities of the city's neighborhoods. The City is divided into three basic zoning districts: Residential (R), Commercial (C), and Manufacturing (M), which are then further divided into low, medium, and high density districts. There may be different zoning districts within the same neighborhood or city block.

Zoning for Commercial buildings regulates permitted building uses, building size in relation to zoning lot, distance between buildings and their lot lines, required parking and other requirements.
Business Owner's Bill of Rights
Certificate of Approval - Fire Escape Window Gates
Certificate of Approval - Petroleum Products
Certification of Schools
Complaint Form
FAQ about Special Effects, Pyrotechnic & Fireworks Displays (SPFX)
Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan for Occupancies w/2 way voice capabilities but not required to file an EAP
Fire Safety Plans - Hotels/Motels
Fire Safety Plans - Format and Guideline Office with Temporal '3' fire alarm (TPPN 1/03)
Flameproofing Compounds
Hazardous Chemical and Compressed Gas Regulations & Inspections
Liquid Propane Gas
Modifications (Variances)
Motor Fuel Licensed Installers (updated monthly)
Place of Assembly Guide
Range Hoods for Restaurants and Cafeterias
Residential Sprinkler System Flow Test Report
Residential Fire Safety Guide and Notices
Sprinkler Test
New York City Fire Codes | Title 29

Business Owner's Bill of Rights
The FDNY encourages business owners to view the Business Owner's Bill of Rights. The rights include consistent enforcement of agency rules, fair inspections and great customer service.
Read the Business Owner's Bill of Rights
Emergency Planning and Preparedness
Emergency Planning and Preparedness is the title of chapter 4 in the Fire Code. It currently includes Fire Safety & Evacuation Plans for several types of commercial occupancies as well as Emergency Action Plans for Office Buildings and Fire Safety Guides & Notices for residential properties.
The Emergency Planning and Preparedness Group: are members of the Bureau of Fire Prevention, who’s role is the review and acceptance of the various emergency preparedness plans that are required under the FC. We have developed this webpage to offer guidance and assistance with the preparation of Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans, Emergency Action Plans & Fire Protection plans. This site will be updated regularly with information that can be useful in preparing the plan.
Plan Examination Application Form TM-1: to accompany all plan submittals
  • Comprehensive (combined) Fire Safety/ Emergency Action Plan (FS/EAP)
    click here
  • Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans
    click here
  • Fire Protection Plans
    click here
  • Residential Fire Safety Guides & Notices


New York City Fire Protection Company
New York City Fire Prevention and Safety Phone: (347) 220-8330
New York City Fire Protection
New York City Fire Sprinklers
New York City Fire Protection Service
Emergency Fire Protection
Service Available
Install, Service & Repair
Fire Service Pro LLC
New York City Amerex Fire Extinguishers New York City Brooks Fire Protection Equipment

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